Smoke Signals

"There is no standardized code for smoke signals; the signals are often a predetermined pattern discerned by sender and receiver. Because of this, smoke signals tend to convey only simple messages, and are a limited form of communication." -Wikipedia

The thing about blogs is that they've always seemed like an expression of vanity. I can't but help narrow down the reasons for maintaining a blog to the following two reasons.

1. By publicly posting, the writer assumes that he has a consistent audience that is being blessed by his/her insights, struggles, funny pictures, creative blogging style, daily schedule recap and so on, all the while making frequent grammar and spelling errors as if to say, "See, I'm not as perfect as my blog." But I can't usually hear them say this because they're hoisted up too high on their pedestal as a result of having a blog.

2. I've also noticed a curious blogging style phenomenon that most bloggers occasionally, if not entirely, participate in. This occurs when the blogger writes what appears to be a personal inner monologue and seems to be unaware that they're posting this very publicly. However, following my main point that blogs are an expression of vanity, I liken this to when a muscular man takes off his top layer shirt, allowing all other shirts underneath to temporarily come with it, giving a free viewing of his tanned, muscular torso. We all know that this is intention in the guise of unintention. In much the same way, you bloggers who write like this, we totally know you're just showing off your inner emotional muscles. Get a journal.

So before I transition to the next part of my post, I would like to state that I fully intend on violating the above two points. Probably in the next paragraphs.

Smoke Signals

I sometimes feel that my prayers are like smoke signals. Are they working? Do they dissipate before they reach God? Do they just pollute? Will I even understand if he sends back an answer? This name is an expression of the struggle to understand God. This is a good struggle though, a struggle that doesn't discourage, but challenges. Challenges to figure out what God and I's predetermined code is. A challenge to look for simple messages in the midst of limited, communication, but full communion. A struggle to connect.

This is my good struggle to connect.

And plus- I think smoke signals are the only thing that can reach those bloggers way up on those pedestals of theirs.