A Cup Full Of Oil

A Cup Full Of Oil

Some places are meant to be left.
Only in memories can they
truly come alive.
And the pain sifts
to the bottom as all the beauty
and all the good
sit on top like
oil on

Some places look better in the rain.
I have my routes
that I only drive in storms.
The sun can taint a scene, exposing faded colors
and giving a cheery personality to something
meant to be dulled by dark
clouds and falling drops.

Some places are hell.
Not the after-death.
But places that are currently real and
impossibly inescapable. Crumbled minds,
battered spirits and ravaged lands can testify that death
is death is death.

But some places are meant for love.
My arms
and my heart.
Your world
and mine.
and death.

A cup full of oil.


54 years

Interview with Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou.

Blue Indian's interview with Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou from Drew Goddard on Vimeo.

29 Years

I confess. I don't know how to make the most of this life.

I want so much from this life. At least 5 lifetimes worth, if not more.

So how do I deal with the fact that I only have one life? How do any of this deal with that?

Precious days, passing by.

I'll spend this life, figuring out a fraction of what I want from this life.

And now it's time for bed.


Tootin My Horn: UPDATE

So this post is actually going to combine my last two posts.

First off, I just got in my Sumatra Mandheling beans to Roast. I'm really excited about these beans, and roasted up three batches this afternoon (Last time I smelled up the whole church, but I've figured out a good method involving doing it out my bedroom window and using a fan).

And WHILE the beans were roasting (They take about 7 minutes) I returned to the typing to test to make good on my claim that I could reach 90 WPM.

My first try today landed me at a new record of 86.7. Then a few tries later I pulled off a heartbreaking 89.2. Then, during my third batch, this happened . . .

After Lukes last comment (He apparently didn't even try the test or else he would see that it takes many considerations into calculating your score) he'll be happy to know that I only missed two words.

And now I think I'm done with this test forever because

1. I feel really lame for needing to show this off on my blog.

2. I think I've reached my limit and could spend hours improving very little

3. I saw this guy . . .


Tootin My Horn

I hate these kind of things, because I usually become addicted. Luckily I have restrained myself and haven't played this game that much. I was mainly averaging 70 - 74 WPM, but then something clicked and I reached a whole new level . . .

I'm done after that last one, but I have confidence tomorrow that I can reach 90. I challenge someone to beat me . . . rankmytyping.com


Coffee Roasting

Thats right, coffee roasting. I am now a home roaster. I ordered my green coffee beans (Costa Rica Las Lajas Mell and Colombia Sierra Nevada) and picked up my $9.99 Walgreens Hot Air Popcorn Popper and roasted 6 batches of coffee today!

Its the experiment stage. I roasted 3 batches of each kind of bean for varying lengths of time. Now, the hard part is waiting a couple of days for the CO2 to escape before grinding and pressing the beans.

I've been doing a lot of researching into roasting coffee beans and it has been fascinating. I truly hope that this is the beginning of a long time hobby.