Sometimes when reading the news off of Digg I have to make sure, half way through the article, that I'm not accidentally reading the Onion. Its always a relief when I am reading the Onion, but its horrible when I realize its an actual news story.

Jesus Rifles!


Who's Gonna Reset The Bone?

With little to blog about, I have to start, so I can bump that horridly sad picture in my last post.

1. I really like the new Swell Season CD.

2. I have begun to love straight espresso. Everyone should and you should go to Broadway Cafe in order to love it properly . . . they have the best by far.

3. I have had a shift in how to approach people, in line with what I have hoped. We're all broken people just trying to figure out life and none of us are getting it right. I believe this view fosters compassion, empathy, and patience.

4. I no longer enjoy Hookah.

5. Pride and fear are rampant in the human soul. They Kill.

6. I never thought I would live in Kansas City, but now I do. And I love it.

7. "Oh, what am I to think of what the writing of a thousand lifetimes could not explain if all the forest trees were pens and all the oceans, ink?"

8. I don't understand it. I feel so far from it. And I sure don't mean it. But I believe it.

All that matters is Jesus.