A Thousand Pieces, A Thousand Sizes

A Thousand Pieces, A Thousand Sizes

I am damp sand
on the high part of a coast
where the water barely
and rarely licks.

I am obscure, never quite dried by the sun;
unable to sift through wandering toes-
I don’t contain warmth and I’m too dry to be moldable;
only good for a quickly crumbled castle-
I am scattered like rubble;

A thousand pieces, a thousand sizes.

I pray that each time
the ocean comes; that each time
it calls its waters back--
I will come loose and go with it.

Grain by grain, may I be
lost in its rapturous waters.


Laken. Middlebury. Green Mountain Coffee.

Laken. My new water bottle.

So I'm just coming off of a week long trip that involved 10 states. I've got to see a ton of new places. It was fantastic. 47/50 states complete.

Got to see a member of the Psalters in Fishtown, a neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Of course I didn't talk to him.

Tons I want to write about right now.

Since my visit to Taize, France, I feel like a whole new world has been opened to me in the faith of Roman Catholicism. As a long time Christian, I would like to think that there aren't major things in the faith that I'm completely ignorant about.

But as I continue to learn, I learn how completely ignorant I am on anything and everything Catholic. It's been an incredibly stretching and growing experience, as well as fascinating. I'm reading a big thick book that I stole, that reads like a history/theological text book on the subject, and I'm loving it.

Another thing that has been helpful in this journey is an Episcopal Priest who would rather be catholic. You might remember him from this post (the other day, I heard him leading a church bible study where he referred to the Pharisees as "Assholes" and "Sonuva Bitch"). Conversations with him are always very interesting. And very surprising.

Anyway, the point in all this is that, I think all protestants need to ask questions and figure out for themselves why they're not Roman Catholic. I'm left wondering where option 3 is.

Books I'm Reading and am actually going to finish:

The Riddle Of Roman Catholicism
By Jaroslav Pelikan
Traveling Mercies By Anne Lamott
The Screwtape Letters By C.S. Lewis
No Man Is An Island By Thomas Merton
Aesops Fables By Not Aesop because he is a made up person.


Oh no, Timothy Hay. Please no more Timothy Hay.

So in the last 10 days I've had a lot happen.

I got swine flu. Didn't realize it until the staff member who had the same symptoms passed out and quit breathing in Chipotle.

I survived Swine Flu.

I got Pneumonia.

I survived Pneumonia (With meds).

I became a huge fan of "30 Rock" while surviving the stated sicknesses.

I cried many different kinds of cries and hugged many different kinds of hugs (In all honesty, this is probably what gave the swine flu I had to 3 other staff).

I've done a lot more . . . but thats enough to tell about for 10 days, right?

2500 miles (driving) and counting so far this summer.

And I'm in Love.