Down with some things, up with others. How about just up.

Well, it happened like I thought it might.

Whenever I write or say something like I did below, I usually regret it the next day.

NOT because I think I'm wrong or because I'm self-conscious, but because I feel the rants are rooted in anger.

Despite how it might seem, the below post is NOT aimed at people that vote, nor do I look down on anyone who votes. Its aimed at the institution and means being voted for . . .

Either way, I usually regret expressing my anger. I would so much rather be "pro" things and not all about "anti" things. Let the things I'm "anti" about worry about themselves, and I should focus on the things I'm "pro". Like, in this case, Gods Kingdom. This is rooted in a deeper pursuit in my life of striving to be a more optimistic person rather than an pessimistic person. So when I write posts like below, I feel that is giving in to the pessimism I am trying hard to fight.

I blame it on all the Rage Against The Machine I listened to in Highschool (and occasionly still do).

Here is a much happier end to the post . . .


adam paul said...

it's probably a bad thing that motivation and passion are so often rooted in anger and frustration. i feel like that's definitely something i ought to examine in my own life. start being passionate about positive things instead of negative things.

good post.