Not theological, I'm doing better

Drowning in questions

God, I have so many questions.
Like, why did you drown all of those people?
And if you drowned them, why don’t you rupture
Tuttle Dam and drown me also?
Surely I’m more evil than them and condemn
this whole town? Or perhaps your anger was
quenched the first time?
Did Noah really sin less than them?
Why would you save animals over people? Or
could it be that people had become animals?

If so, I am an animal that can’t swim.
And I am drowning.
And I should.
I am evil.
And I should have been born in the time of the flood.
Before Jesus.
Before mercy?
Before Grace?
Before your anger was quenched?
God, I have so many questions.

Like why are some sent a flood
and others a Savior?