Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice and the book comes unbound.

So since my last blogpost, I was quickly informed by my roomate Luke that in order for my blog to reach the millions of people in which I've planned for it to do, I need to post more often then I've already started out doing.

So first, let me tell you my hindrances in doing so and how I plan to solve this problem.

My first hindrance is that my roommate stephen started a blog the same time I did. Not only has he already posted more than I have, hes a graphic designer. This means that in a fight to have the most creative blog layout, he will almost always win. I openly welcome any comments stating the superiority of my blog.

The second hindrance is the
dissapointment I have felt in the ratio of comments to followers. Thus far, I have 4 comments on my first post, and only 1 follower. That one follower is my roommate Luke, which I had to ask to be my follower. So this leaves me to wonder why 3 people are quick to comment and slow to follow? I am very dissapointed in the fact that people aren't taking advantage of this feature. I have now used the word "dissapoint" in two different forms, and am positive that I misspelled it both times. Yep, spell check just confirmed it.

Those are really the only two hindrances that have kept me from throwing all my energy into this blog.

Now what I plan to do about it:

First off, I've started by putting links to a bunch of my friends blogs on my blog before I have even told them I have a blog. Luke told me that to get people to read my blog, I should post comments on their blogs. I like this idea, but first, I want to link them in my blog, so then when I comment on their blogs and they come on over to check out my blog, they see their name alreadly linked. This gives the appearance that I'm not merely commenting on their blog to draw attention to my blog, but I feel it says "Hey, I've been reading your blog before you knew mine even existed." So what this means is that everyone I've linked should shortly expect a comment on their blog so that you can experience this sleight-of-hand (so to speak).

The second thing I plan to do is randomly title every post I write. In seeing other people use this method, I feel this does an excellent job of drawing the reader in. Heaven forbid that I should ever write a post that has anything to do with my blog post. Cryptic writing is the key to getting people to discuss my blog.

The Third thing I plan to do, is to talk down to those who don't have a blog. Insults, sarcasm and emotional violence will be a part of this approach. The hope is to get people who don't have a blog to start a blog. Then this way, you better believe that I'm the first person they link/follow. Then everyone they link/follow after that will see my name on their page. This, of course, will get me many more friends. Mission accomplished.

Fourth thing, I plan on tattooing the URL of my blog to my forehead. However, I plan to leave out the "www." because that is a given in any URL. I feel this will draw much attention to me as a person, as well as my blog.

So there you have it. Blog post number 2.


Stephen said...

as for design and layout ideas, where to being? Where to being?

KK said...

i thought you should know that, even though i know you posted a comment on my blog to get me to read yours, i appreciate the extra mile you went by finding a relevant link to share with me. that has got to give you bonus blogging points or something like that.

GF said...

Hey there.
I finally figured out how to get to your blog. I'm sad that you have failed to mention me anywhere... but I suppose I'll get over it since i have you in the real life world.
Anyways, we should talk about this tattoo that you're thinking about getting.

adam paul said...

first of all - aesthetics is not the most important part of a blog - content, however, is. i try to emphasize this point by going with nearly the most possible blog layout.

secondly, i think the reason it was considered "adult/mature" is because i said the word "shit" like 3 posts ago. yikes.

meghan said...

it's in ouray colorado... well between ouray and telluride... gorgeous, isn't it? i took the picture! Yeah!

luke said...

dude, part of the whole trying to get followers thing comes with a little bit of reciprocation. i.e. why aren't you following my blog? i know i'm not writing anymore for the moment but still. it's the principle. you have two days roomie, or else...

oh, and tiffany--"gf?" seriously?