A Different Kind Of Battle

Written last year. True Story.

A Different Kind Of Battle

I remember the war.
Plastic, expressionless soldiers.
Full fledged camouflage.
All left jobs as billboard models for a greater calling.
Screws for joints.

I hated the phrase “All is fair in . . . something . . . and war.”
My enemies mom just bought him jet-pack soldiers
and jeeps for the grounded.
I can’t even begin to guess how many weeks of allowance
it took me to build my army.

By Sixteen hundred hours, an hour after school,
my foe, my best friend, had reduced my fight to one.
I knew it was time.

Invincible G.I. Joe.

Screams of protest sprang from the other camp.
It reminded me of a phrase I loved.
“All is fair in my house and war.”


R.W. Shipshape said...

Hilarious! Reminds me of my old thumb war tactic.

Thumb war opponent winning.

The "assist," brute force retaliation using the pointer finger.

Yeah, they never liked that one.