Don't know why I'm posting this.

So, a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to go see the OKC Thunder NBA team play a basketball game. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, except for this little stunt at half-time.

Now let me say a few things. DON'T watch this video if you're easily traumatized. My mom was crying after this happened.

A few other things. This magician came out, building this trick up to be amazing because it was the first time that it was being done in full view . . . and thank God it was. Also, while the video is only 1:31, she was under water for 4 FREAKIN MINUTES. This video does not do the horror of this event justice. What you can't see, but we could see on the jumbo-tron was that she was turning the darkest color of blue I have ever seen someone turn. And after she was revived, they zoomed in on her again on the jumbo-tron and she had thrown up all over herself.

This was probably the worst thing I've ever seen. My heart was racing, because I was pretty sure I had just seen someone drown. People in the crowd were yelling, "Let her out, Let her out!" about 1 minutes before they actually did, because she was clearly struggling. Actually being there, and watching the whole thing unfold without knowing what was happening or going to happen was the most scared I've ever been for someone.

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Link: http://thunder.fandome.com/video/109032/Magician-Nearly-Drowns-In-Half-Time-Stunt/?q=c

It blows my mind, they had absolutely NO medical people on standby. And the locks on the outside? How was she supposed to get out if it was locked from the outside? Why did she HAVE to get that last hand-cuff off (She tried it 3 different times and went on to the other locks because she couldn't get that one off)?

Ugh, horrible