He holds without hands and speaks without sounds

Today I took the strengths finder test at Radinas. I was warned repeatedly that the code is good for only ONE time. This, coupled with with the fact that I only got 20 seconds to answer each question had me a little nervous in doing it in such a busy, public place.

So imagine the curses I thought in hindsight after the storm outside began to quickly and dramatically send its water through the poorly sealed crack at the top of the window I was by.

All over me.

All over my computer.

All over my cookie.

Yeah, I think a good 10 questions timed out.

When I got my results, "Adaptability" was number 3. I read the description in the book, and I almost completely disagree. But in light of the fiasco, i couldn't agree more.

Good night and good luck.


Jenna said...

I took that same test about 4 years ago.

My strenths were these:

3)Some word that starts with a d.