Tootin My Horn: UPDATE

So this post is actually going to combine my last two posts.

First off, I just got in my Sumatra Mandheling beans to Roast. I'm really excited about these beans, and roasted up three batches this afternoon (Last time I smelled up the whole church, but I've figured out a good method involving doing it out my bedroom window and using a fan).

And WHILE the beans were roasting (They take about 7 minutes) I returned to the typing to test to make good on my claim that I could reach 90 WPM.

My first try today landed me at a new record of 86.7. Then a few tries later I pulled off a heartbreaking 89.2. Then, during my third batch, this happened . . .

After Lukes last comment (He apparently didn't even try the test or else he would see that it takes many considerations into calculating your score) he'll be happy to know that I only missed two words.

And now I think I'm done with this test forever because

1. I feel really lame for needing to show this off on my blog.

2. I think I've reached my limit and could spend hours improving very little

3. I saw this guy . . .


Tiffany said...

i may or may not have just tried to beat your score... and plan on trying until i do.