This made me happy google, but its also a little creepy you have it.

Take A Look at this.

Tiffany for whatever reason (probably love) googled my name today and decided to send me the link to this article and it shocked me because I literally haven't seen it in 12 years. While I was never in boy scouts, this magazine was put out by the boy scouts. It was called "Boys Life" I actually got recognized several places right after this article in 1996.

I was just commenting the other day about how for me memories of places and people always bring a kind of sadness with them.

But not this. This article is from a time in life I'm really fond of. Nothing but joy comes from this.

The "Jenks America Jersey" reminds me of Jenks, OK. The track where I trained and all the people I knew. There would be upwards of 70 kids at the track I trained at with Jenks America. Our team even won nationals several times.

If you look on the left, you see the cover of the magazine with a big Iguana on it. This is what inspired me to soon after get two iguanas. In a web of circumstances, I think Joseppi owes his home with me to this article.

What you probably didn't notice are the "Racing Stripes" buzzed into my head. Why my parents let me do this, I'll never know, but I was the only kid (at the time) I ever knew to have these . . . and yes, they eventually went all the way around my head.

I'm wearing girls shoes by the way. Mens shoes were often too wide for my feet at this age.

This was a good memory. I am such a different person now . . . I no longer run, I got a real haircut, weigh 2.2 times as much and I only occasionally wear womens shoes (Kidding). But its ok. This was a time in my life I have my fondest memories . . . loving running, living in Oklahoma and not having a care in the world. And I'm ok with that.

I don't miss it and I don't regret it.


Tiffany said...

I'm not letting you borrow my shoes just so you know =)

Beth said...

Um, that's pretty hilarious. I think we should print that out and frame it. :)

Nic said...

I second beth's suggestion and we should blow it up real big so we can appreciate your stellar hair in all of its glory.