Insert Sad Indian

So I've searched high and low and have typed in every synonym and variation of "Sad Indian Happy Thanksgiving" into google image search and have come up short.

Two days before purchasing my new computer, my last computer, a faithful E-machine, decided it just couldn't hang on long enough to see me strip it of its internal memory guts and transplant those guts in the new computer I was about to buy. It self destructed, burying itself and all my files and folders in a state of premature, permanent hibernation.

It wasn't that faithful after all.

On it was a very important file. This file contained a picture of a very sad looking Indain Chief, with "Happy Thanksgiving" at the bottom.

This picture was clearly to strike guilt in the fact that we're basically celebrating a meal that we historically ate and then shortly after, slaughtered the Native Americans in what was literally a Genocide and took their land.

And to an extent, we should feel guilty. However, its not typically viewed in the way I just presented it. And honestly, my original plans to fast on thanksgiving as a protest of sorts, was quickly abandoned for the sake of not having to explain to all my family in Colorado as to what I was doing.

Also, Green Bean casserole.

So I'm forgetting to an extent also.

However, I have so many more thoughts than I am currently sharing. And honestly, I don't really seek to make people feel guilty. It's more about stirring up a memory from my time on the reservation and briging awareness to the state of Native Americans from the position of where they once were.

I'm sure in a future post I will share much more about the injustice of the Native Americans and about how our country was founded on their graves.

But thats for another time. Until then.

Insert picture of a sad Indian Chief saying wishing you a "Happy Thanksgiving".