Today I lived, mainly free.

So today, I had two main highlights and they both revolve around my friend Brad, age 9. Brad is the boy in the family at Colonial Gardens that our Life Group has really gotten to know and are still praying for big things to happen!

So anyway, Brad. John Schwartzs Life Group plays football with a bunch of kids around 10 years old as an outreach opportunity and me and Paul Bruss decided to take Brad. While he may be a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, this by no means translates to football skills. Two particular things were hilarious.

1. After a play, Brad goes limping off to the side lines, clearly hurt. When asking if hes coming back in to play, he says "no". I then naturally ask him if hes ok, "Did you get hurt"? "No" he Replied, "Something big is coming".

"Something Big is coming"?

"Yeah, you know that people say you can hear a heard of elephants coming from a long way away? Yeah, I hear a noise from a long way away."

"Brad, I don't think any elephants are around here."

"No, not an elephant, but something BIG"

"Like What?"

"Like, I dunno, thats why I'm going to stay over here while you all play and watch for it."

(Me smiling at the most elaborate injury cover-up I have ever heard) "Ok, well let me know if you see anything!"

After multiple plays of handing the ball off to Brad, and him running 2-7 yards BACKWARDS only to be tackled for a loss despite our best efforts to tell him to stop, it was clear a new plan was needed if Brad was to get the ball. My Idea: to hand him the ball and then pick him up and run forward. See, the boys get tackled, but the adults are two hand touch. So this idea was genius if I say so myself; Since Brad has the ball, he must be tackled, but he has me as protection.

Hike, the ball is handed to him. I run, grab him and run for about 5 yards as the boys try to tackle me. Right around 8 yards, Brad drops the ball and they recover.


luke said...

oh brad. that's hilarious. glad it was a good day with him and all of them.