Pardons, Security alarms and crippled old ladies.

Today I saw and heard a lot.

Like this.

Which reminded me of this:

Then I saw on CNN, that there is a 2,300 person list of people that are hoping President Bush will Pardon them in the coming months. And I thought, "Who made him God?". And then I remembered.

Then I saw on CNN that this kid shot his Dad and his friend and that people were pissed because his lawyer wasn't present during the questioning, But the kid confessed to it, but people didn't believe him because he was a kid. Either way, two people were shot to death and there wasn't a lawyer present for that either, so I'm not quite sure I actually believe it.

Then I saw, during a commercial between all the super positive and uplifting CNN stories, that if I call today, I can get a home security system with two key pads for $99 installed. They even showed an actual scene involving a girl and stereotypically dressed burglar and how the security system saved her life, and I dunno, probably her Big Screen TV also. Then I wondered, if Jesus hadn't been homeless how many keypads would he have had in his house? What I DO know, is that when I get to heaven and have to enter the pass code on the security alarm key pad, that if I have to guess, I won't guess 666 because that is bad and has something to do with Obama and the end of the world.

Then I saw this and wondered if people in this discussion have heard of Ron Paul. He seems to exhibit about everything anyone is arguing for. But what do I know, I didn't vote.

Then I saw this lady at work today. She was crippled and old, and as she wobbled into the door on a walker, I whispered a prayer to God, asking that he would help me truly love her and give me a glimpse of her life. As I helped her with her "Smart Phone" that truly was way smarter than her, I asked her about the picture of the family on the background. Then I watched as she bloomed. For the next 2 hours, we discussed her family and her life as I slowly worked for a solution on her phone. At one point, at the sake of sounding like a complete tool, I felt tears in my eyes for no reason, just extreme affection. Her husband and son were both heavily involved in the military, and while I strongly oppose military service, I found that I truly did care about them and her and none of my personal theologies or opinions factored in at all to our conversation. I thought; this is what unity looks like, unity is NOT agreeing on everything, its loving people through the power of the ONLY thing we need unity in, Jesus. Anyway, it was a blessed conversation, and it ended with her buying a different phone and giving me her $550, top of the line, all touch screen phone. I refused it, but she refused that. So I aquired quite the asset for my bosses and they loved me because of it, but I didn't love her because of it. While I never expect or desire something like this, or anything similiar, to be a reward for Love, I DO want to Love people in a way that will make them want to give me a $550 cell phone.

So God, give me that and nothing else.