Well, thats that.

I have this rather peculiar friend who expresses her prophetic gifting in a way that is strange, random, and sometimes insulting.

But always in love.

Now God speaks to me too.

Images. Words. Dreams. Impressions.

But me and my friend are far different.

In fact, shes far different than any "Prophetically" gifted person I've met.

So tonight, as she demonstrated this again, I was perplexed.

I said in a prayer, "God, are you really speaking to her? If so, have her come tell me the answer."

Then, I look up and shes marching my way as the guitar is strummed and people sing.

She stoops down and looks at me and says,

"I don't know what you're asking God right now, but the answer is yes."


meg said...

ahh. i love this story!

Sarah said...

that makes me smile. i want to know this girl, because she sure reflects a God that loves and speaks to His people.