Alltel Car Charger

3 sisters enter the store. I'm going to guess the ages were around 12, 17, 24. Then the following occured . . .

Oldest Sister: We need a phone charger.

Me: Ok, what phone do you need it for?

Oldest Sister: I have no idea.

Me: Do you have it with you?

Oldest Sister: No, its for my brothers phone.

Me (nicely, not sarcastic like it might sound): Well then I have no idea either.

Youngest Sister: Well do you know which one it might be?

Me: Um . . . we have about 30 different kinds of chargers in store and hundreds more we could order . . . so no, I have no idea.

Oldest Sister (Completely serious): Which one do you think it would be?

Me: You want me to guess?

Oldest Sister: Well, uh, maybe.

Me: I have no idea, do you know the brand of the phone, the color, or anything about it?

Middle Sister: It's a flip phone.

Me: Well so is about every phone we carry.

Oldest Sister: Its blue.

Youngest Sister: Do you have it?

Me: I still have no idea.

Bringing a box full of Dummy phones out of the back

Me: Does it look like any of these?

Them: No.

Middle Sister: Would another store have it?

Me: Well WE might have it, but there isn't much I can do without knowing what phone it is.

Middle Sister: Yeah, but would another store have it? Maybe they would know which one it is.

Me: Uh, well, I'm pretty positive no one is going to know what it is.

Middle Sister: Well someone else might.

Me (Tired of being nice): Look, we've had about 100 different kinds of phones in the last couple of years, about 50 of them fit the description you gave me. Of those 50, there are about 45 different chargers. So no, unless you can give me or someone else more information then you already have, then there is no way someone is going to know what phone charger you need.

Youngest Sister: It takes the same charger as my phone!

Me: Ok, well what kind of phone do you have, do you have it with you?

Youngest Sister: No, I don't have it. I dunno . . . it's a black phone.

At this point I let out a little laugh of disbelief

Me: Well, once again, if you can't give me more information . . .

Oldest Sister: OH! It has a little screen you hold sideways!

Me: Huh? You hold the whole phone sideways you mean?

Oldest Sister: No, you just hold the screen sideways.

Me: I have no idea what that means.

Oldest Sister: Hm.

So for 5 ackward minutes, they are sorting through the phone chargers looking for it. Then they stop and just stand there. I finally break the silence by saying . . .

Me: So . . . . I don't know what to tell you, you'll have to find out what phone it is and come back.

Middle Sister: It's a Samsung Hue

Me (in disbelief): What!?

Middle Sister: It's the Samsung Hue.

Me: Well, why didn't you tell me that?

Middle Sister: I dunno, I think I just remembered.

Me: You think you just rememb . . . That phone is red by the way.

Middle Sister: Well his is the blue one.

Me: There was never a blue one, it was always red. Are you sure thats the phone?

Middle Sister: No.

Me: Ok . . . well, we're back where we started, so . . .

Older Sister: Well, can we just buy the hue charger?

Me: Sorry, we don't have that one in stock right now.

Oldest Sister: Can you give us one close to it?

Not wanting to explain the obvious fact that a charger "Close" to the one you need isn't going to work I simply just said . . .

Me: No, its a pretty unique one.

Oldest Sister: Oh, ok.

Them: Well thanks, ok, bye!


luke said...

ok that is hilariously ridiculous. wow.

Stephen said...

incredible. if only there were a bluetooth involved somehow

julie d said...

hey tyler. julie here.
just wanted you to know this made me laugh!