Fred Phelps, The One And Only.

So this might be interesting.

So the Phelps say they actually LOVE people (Forgive me for not linking the video about this, youtube isn't working for me at the moment).

After all, their signs say "God Hates Fags/soldiers/etc" and Never that THEY hate these people.

However, they preach Hate and do all these horrible horrible things that we discuss with each other, BECAUSE they love.

Now stick with me, I'm not claiming what they do is right, just very interesting.

They do and say all these horrible things because they believe that its how God is and because of their true, intense love for people, it is their duty to warn them of impeding damnation. Most Christians are incredibly lukewarm to them because we fail to preach the gravity of sin and the truth of Gods judgement.

Now here is why its so interesting. I don't think their method or theology is right. However, I feel they have an interesting point. If we as Christians believe in the Bible and if we Christians are to Love our neighbors, how could we NOT be broken by all the sin around us? About all the lost souls? Where is our urgency? I know this empathy seems to be a cliche epiphonay to people a lot, but methods and theology aside, could it be that we actually have something to learn from Westboro Baptist church? In the midst of all the stuff that we can condemn them for, could they have a lesson for us? About love? I think maybe so. Not in the "Lets go to their Sunday school" way but in the "Hey look at what they're doing, they're totally jacking it up, but look at what they're trying to do" way.

Yes, the kind of love that unplugs the Ipod from our ears and allows us to hear the pain of the world, that summons us away from our computers to bring the chain-breaking words of life to people. At the cost of our image. At the cost of our comfort zones. At the cost of good favor. At the cost of ourselves.

I strongly encourage you to follow this link and read the FAQ. Its interesting. And, while no matter how many disclaimers one can put in a post SOMEONE always misunderstands, I must say again, I in no way condone what the Westboro Baptist church does.