Victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats

So I'm going to ------------------->

in March.

That or I'm losing a lot of money.

I've had a lot I want to blog about lately and plenty of time to do it.

I spent about 2 hours entering all my poems into my computer the other night, but only made it about 1/4 of the way through . . . I have a lot more than I realized, scribbled on random, loose pages. They add up.

The ones I entered were from late high school and freshman year of college. During this time in life I was going through depression, it's what got me writing poetry.

Naturally the poems are not about puppies, rainbows or puppies riding rainbows.

I found myself, after reading and typing them, going to bed under the same cloud of depression that I wrote about . . . the same depression I haven't felt in 3 years.

It was gone by morning, and is still gone.

Art seems to have a spirit.

I mean that.

When you do art, you create a spirit.

Or, perhaps, abandon part of yours into it.

It truly is more than sensory, it is spiritual.

I poured my depression into my poems and that spirit came back for a visit the other night.

This was profound for me.

Art is spiritual.

Who would have thought that was true.


karlie nicole mann. said...

where in france do you get to go? and HOW do you get to go? that is amazing. i am completely jealous. tell me more :)