It's been awhile and still all I have is random.

I built a brand new bike a couple of months ago. I realize now that I loved building it more than I do riding it. Thats not to say that I don't enjoy riding it, I really really love to ride it, I'm just not Hard-Core. This weather and my lack of riding in it proves that. I don't know why I'm saying this.

I can easily get obsessed with things. When I discover a food or drink item I love, I can easily consume it every single day for weeks at a time. Or, when I find a video game I like, no matter how stupid and simple it is, I can get hooked and play it for hours. Recently it's been Settlers of Catan. Despite getting to play several times since getting it, It's still far less than I really want to play. I would play every day If I could round up the people to do so. Mainly I don't because I don't want to sound obsessed by asking people every day. Eh, whatever.

So there is this curious thing that we see a lot at work. The only handicap places in our whole parking lot are right in front of our store. About 90% of the people that ever park in one of these spots, end up walking 3-5 times farther to the store that they want to go to than if they just parked in a normal spot right in front of that store. About 97% of this 90% have no visible handicap that would even require the extra space next to the handicap spot. Today, not a single car was in the whole lot, yet I watched a lady pull into a handicap spot, put up her wheelchair tag, and then get out and walk by all the empty space to the other side of the building unit. I don't get this at all. Someone please explain this.


Stephen said...

Know that you can always convince me to leave my studio home and play Settlers...ALWAYS.

Ashley said...

me too sometimes. I bet people just want to use their handicap pass because they can, it's like VIP.

Ashley said...

just fyi the thing says I'm ashley. It's really confusing. this is Tiffany