Stained Glass Savior

Gah, I've wanted to write lately - poems or something meaningful. I've had nothing to pour out though and I hate that.

I got Settlers of Catan for Christmas and the expansion pack. I played it 3 nights in a row. I love board games. More then anything, I love the friends that come to play the board games, even if they block my 2-1 wheat port. Haha, I love strategy games, but I also hate them because usually the other persons strategy is to beat the other people playing (Which includes me) and they make moves, good moves, in order to do that and accomplish their task.

So, right now I'm working at our Junction City store for Alltel. Its a fairly rough place and in a bad area. I work by myself, and help take some shifts for a girl who usually works 60 hours a week here by herself. The other night 3 drunk guys came in and were causing trouble. I had to kick one guy out because he thought it was a good idea to light up a cigarette in the store. Of the other two, one kept getting in my face and poking me. I didn't feel nervous about this until, in my irritation, I made a sarcastic comment and I thought he was going to punch me. I did find myself, not praying for safety, but sincerely praying for them during the whole ordeal - because seriously, sarcasm or calling the cops will do nothing for them spiritually speaking. I was calm most of it, despite the hostility and its amazing what being calm but firm during hostility can do. Trust me, I could write a whole long post on the ridiculousness of our conversation with these drunk guys, but I'm done with that. The whole ordeal ended with them leaving and me realizing that while the one guy was all in my face, the other one stole a very small piece of equipment that was worthless to him, but costs us $220.

Today has been another "Fun" day. Because Alltel is officially being bought by Verizon on Friday, ALL of Alltels systems are down until Friday. So basically I'm getting paid to sit here and tell people I can't help them. So far, people don't believe me and want me to help them anyway. When I insist that I can't help them and explain the situation and how no Alltel in THE WHOLE COUNTRY can help them today, they ask when Lacey (The ONLY other employee here, and the one that is usually here) will be back (Implying that I just don't know what I'm doing).

I'm pretty apathetic today. I'm not even irriated by this, I'm just whatever.

I do have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world though. Shes beautiful and awesome and creative and I love her a lot. Shes going to Greenland in May. That is both awesome and sad, but I'm going to go visit her in Denmark Next January. And thats awesome.

Heres a vest she got me for Christmas that I really Like:



Laura said...

you totally wrote this at work and took the picture there too.

Anonymous said...

that was the best post ever. Sorry I was so lame tonight. =) I love you!

luke said...

i thought you were going to talk about your secret activity at the jc store that involves a very large cup of soda...