I want to start off by saying, Tah-Dah is one of the toughest hyphenated words to know how to spell. It is also one of the toughest hyphenated words to look up the spelling for.

Below you will find my recent transformation. Forgive the stoned countenance that I have. The picture of me with long hair is the best one I have, and it unfortunately was with me wearing that expression. For comparing reasons, I had to reproduce that face with my new hair (Or lack of). I also for some reason have completely different skin tones, only supporting the "stoned look" idea.

This is not a permanent look-

It shall grow again. There is something purging about buzzing your head, I know this despite this only being my second time.

The first time, was at Nicks house and Tom, in his attempt, managed to to give me a somewhat small bald spot right in the back of my head.

Not so purging-

But symbolic still, I suppose.

But yes, purging. Not that I'm purging my life of anything, so I suppose maybe "releasing" is a better word. But I'm not "releasing" anything either, so I digress-

Sometimes its just good to change and start over.

This blog should have been much shorter.


luke said...

yeah the first picture you looked stoned. but the second you look like you are just about to beat the crap out of me! i'm scared to come home...

I Dream of Scotland said...

Seriously. When you buzz your hair and look serious like that, people are only going to think you want to hurt them. When you buzz your hair and have any sort of facial hair, you have to smile a lot. But not too much....then people will think you are crazy. It is a tough balance.

margomay said...

you look sad

Laura said...

I think that you and jeff both have the same stoner face in pictures. Jeff's eyes actually look more drugged but you both can pull off that look pretty well