I'm not half as bad as God is good.

oh Lord oh Lord
we confess-
you came to set your flame-
to have it left in our hearts-
but it was misplaced,
on a candle before us.
and now we watch-
wax dripping through the
gaps of our fingers.

We gasp and fold
as the the flame
collapses down the wick;
expecting a scald as it
gives-up the ghost.

This is in response to a vision I received today of a man holding a candle, as the wax drips through his fingers. It was set with a hopelessness that, while the man currently has the flame of God, he can only think of it as temporary and how its going to burn as it leaves. Past wound of abandonment? All I know was that it wasn’t for anyone in the room.


Jenna said...

This hit me like a brick.

Ouch. This put into words the battle I've been going through all day.

Thanks Tyler.

Tiffany said...

COOL! I love reading things that you write you are great. I also love that Jenna related to your vision that's awesome!