It’s all crazy! It’s all false! It’s all a dream! It’s alright.

Well, there it is. The Title of the new mewithoutYou CD coming out. The Title is an adaptation of an exerpt from "The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh" by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

While not thrilled by the title, I am by the artwork:

Then I heard the lyrics, the best part about mewithoutyou, being described as about anthropomorphic food and animals and was immediately skeptical.

But THEN I found this really obscure website where someone gave the leaked track listing (Which I won't post, mainly because I can't find it again) and immediately became super pumped again because, although strange, they sound like only songs mewithoutYou can pull off.

Here an upcoming new song by them that I heard live. This video won't do it justice, but here it is!


meg said...

i LOOOOVE mewithoutyou.
shout out.

karlie nicole mann. said...

this is great news to me, i have been needing some new mewithoutYou in my life. maybe they will come back through lawrence/kc and we can go! do you know the cd comes out?