That dog is slobbery

The title of this post came from a dog on a TV commercial I was watching as I was trying to come up with a title. Thats all.

David Bazan is coming out with a new CD soon and I am pumped, even though he is one of the most depressing people I've ever known of. I got the luxury of seeing him live at the bottleneck awhile back and I loved it. I accidently backed into him at the bar before his show . . . it was great. He is also looking for places to play house shows on his next tour. I really want to host one but have a severe lack of room to host him. If anyone knows of a good place with a big room or back yard to host him, LETS CHAT. But he gets to stay at my house.

However, my FAVORITE band has done a very very poor job of giving details about their new CD. I have literally checked their myspace almost every day since August and only recently have they put up info about their new Album, which still gives little information other than "Almost done"

In case you haven't got enough videos for the day (or night (Or whatever other state of day you inhabit)) then, here is another one that is quite longer but I HIGHLY recommend. Speaks a lot of reconciliation, hope, healing and humility.

This post is also an official goodbye to my friends B & B . . . how I will miss you so.