Soda Fountain Murder

Today, I'm working at our Junction City Alltel store that does not have a bathroom. So when I work here and have to go to the bathroom, I head to the close by gas station. I have also made it a habit to buy a fountain drink, in which the cup may or may not be used again later in the back room as an alternative to the gas station facilities. . . deal with it.

Anyway, I had a VERY interesting exchange at the soda fountain with a person I can only describe as a big, burly, black man.

I first took notice of him because he had brought in his own mug to fill up that could hold a small lake. Now I've seen big mugs before, but this thing was a titan. SO big, that he actually had to remove the bottom part of the soda fountain to get it under the ice dispencer.

Me: Whoa, that is quite the mug you got there.

BBB: Yeah, Her her her. (He laughed the same way he would say "Her" over and over again).

Me: How big is that thing anyway?

BBB: A gallon and a half. Days worth of water.

Me: Well, better to drink that much water than pop! You can see that I'm not follwoing your lead (As I fill up my 44oz dwarf cup with Dr. Pepper).

BBB (mumbles): My Doctor told me I couldn't have pop anymore or else I'd die. BUT THEN HES THE ONE THAT DIED A WEEK AFTER THAT, HHHHEERRR HER HER HER HER HER HER HEEERRRR HER HERR.

At this point, I stared at him blankly, proceeded to put a lid on my cup and leave as quick as I can.

Now mind you, the way he said it leads me to believe his doctor actually did die a week after his appointment. While he could have been trying to make a "Joke" that he killed his doctor after he was told he couldn't drink pop, thats not how it came across. It came across as him finding it hilarious that his doctor died a week after his appointment after telling him that HE'D die if he kept drinking pop.

Maybe I don't appreciate Irony as much as this fella.

Junction City is a weird, weird place.


Jenna said...

When I saw the title of the blog, i thought you were going to say that you actually witnessed a murder. :0

I can see why that guy made you wonder...

Laura said...

agreed, JC is so weird. Our bank is there and every time I go I witness something strange and unruly

kk said...

note to self - start drinking more pop.

done and done.