The harder the rain, the lower the flowers bend

Blogs are still strange to me. Sharing emotions publicly in this manner seem to be the bad kind of naked. But perhaps sometimes we can't help undress; being asked at work by our managers if we're, "ok", which is a question that I believe solves itself.

I learn that emotion intertwines with spirit much more than is safe.

But yes, I am, "Ok", I just wish that customers would quit talking to me.

Did you know the word "Okay" (Abbreviated "O.K.") is the most known word in the world? Although the words, "Jeep" and "Coca-Cola" have made that claim as well (Perhaps the most known name in the world?).

This picture about sums up France ("About" meaning that Luke and Jeff are not in it):

Another thing about emotions is that they attach so strongly to something outside of oneself, thus making us lust after control. The ability to manipulate ones situations to either pro-long or end a given state awakens this.

Today, unrelated to all this talk about emotion, I found myself giggling about a time that I used the word "Sabbatical" to describe to a bunch of middle-schoolers why their favorite activity hadn't happened the day before.

Yeah, if giggling about that seems random and weird, you're exactly right, none the less, I giggled for about 10 minutes.

Just now I recovered from watching my computer shut off as my battery reached 0%. Strangely, while I knew this would happen, I never intended to stop it. And as I plugged it back in and booted it up to finish this post, it seemed to speak to me in some strange way.