Let us die! Let us die! Then dying, we replied . . .

I don't want even try to convey the 10 days I spent in France, so I won't. It was awesome, but what else could it have been, right?

It's coming back that I'm most inerested in. Like this Polish man I met said, "The real pilgrimage is the journey and arrival back".

So, now I sit here selling the very thing I was so pleased to do without on this trip, cell phones. I sit and listen to our daily conference call and swear that if I hear one more inspirational quote applied to selling more accessories to customers, I am going to throw up all over this keyboard.

More than a simple life, I crave a simple spirit. I hope a simple life is birthed from a simple spirit.

I've come back with so many more questions than I left with.

And so many questions do not birth a simple spirit, do not birth a simple life. But I pray that they lead there.

I'm a little dizzy and my arms feel week as I type. Such is the toll of so many things in life changing. So many transitions occuring. And I can't help but feel that transitions never complete and I get stuck in purgatory.

That signals get crossed and I can't process. Dust never seems to settle to see what I've even done. So in the cloud, I learn to breathe through a moist cloth, not sure if this is a storm I am facing or a response to all the dust I've kicked up.

What a strange pilgrimage.