For all you girls

So here it is girls, the question that has been burning in my mind for some time now . . .

Whats with the correlation between age and hair length?

In my observation, the older a girl gets, the shorter her hair gets. This reaches its climax when a woman is in her mid 40's and her hair is cut down (But styled) to the lengh of the average Males.

Now hear me out. I absolutely think that some girls look great with short hair. I think of my friend Liz whose hair I like just as much short as I do long.

This is primarily directed at, even though I know I probably don't have many reading this, middle aged-women.

Why oh why does the hair become SO short?

I've wondered this for so long, but finally knew I HAD to write about it as I sat in church on Easter Sunday, realizing that about 95% of the women over 40 had hair my length.

Now, this is not directed toward the elderly woman who has thinning hair, that I understand.

But why girls???? Why is this where everyone ends up by middle age? Is the fact that its "easier" really the reason?

I'm going to make this statement on behalf of every guy I've discussed this with:

In general, guys like girls hair longer. See how I worded that? Not that guys like girls with longer hair, but guys like any girls hair longer.

Once again, this is NOT to say that girls can't look good with short hair.

But personally, I think its beautiful when I meet a woman in her 60's that has long, grey hair.

So why girls? Must the hair be Chopped? What did it ever do to you? Give me reasons to soothe this burning question.


Millie Jo said...

This is just a speculation (seeing that I am not a middle aged woman...yet) but I wonder if ladies want to feel youthful, and shorter hair helps them to feel that way. Short hair is kinda daring...maybe. Or maybe they are just tired of taking care of the long stuff...or maybe everyone else is defining their understanding of beauty and dictating their wants. I don't know. Once you cut it it's hard to go back.

Jo W. said...

i've been told... (by reliable sources)... that it had to do with ease of styling. I believe the quote was... "the more kids you have the shorter the hair gets cut" obviously NOT an all inclusive statement...
exception to prove the rule: my mom.

meg said...

Ditto what Jo said. . . "ease" or i just assume it's a tiny bit of laziness? Maybe a bit of both.

Liz.EJ.Lizzard.Elizabeth. said...

At the church i grew up in there was this old lady with beautiful long white hair, she usually kept it in a braid or a cinnamon roll bun on the back of her neck. I used to think, "When I'm her age, I want me hair to look just like her's" :) I totally get that.
My dad and brother like long hair on girls too, so I feel that's a good general statement about mens' taste.

Kari Smith said...

Great question Roark! I have wondered that same thing many a times as well, and I am a woman! Personally, I want to be one of those women who has the long flowing grey hair.