I probably don't even need to write anything else

The world of bumper stickers is an interesting one.

How you can tell so much about someone from what there bumper says.

Like this one that I saw today:

Now normally I just cringe and make fun of it to the person(s) I'm in the car with, or think about the innate cheesyness of all bumper stickers to myself if I'm the only one in the car.

However, this one just left me stunned.

To think, this young man had to see this bumper sticker, like it enough to buy it and then go through the process of applying it without it ever dawning on him that it was incredibly lame (and ignorant in my opinion). That is unreal. I also am curious as to which 30 states McCain supporters don't think deserve a star on the flag.

Anyway, In case youre interested in a T-shirt and Coffee Mug, these products are apparently still in demand. But hey, I don't see a year, so maybe McCain in 2012?

In case you were wondering, yes this was on a giant ford F350 Triton XLT with huge wheels and a driver with a his hat backwards and a cut off sleeveless T-shirt.


Anonymous said...

always a bummer when the stereotype fits...