The potato called from underground, "You've got it all turned upside down"

I'm in Philadelphia right now. I love it. I want to see so much more of the city.

Tonight we followed Google Maps to the nearest Wal-Mart. It led is directly into the ghetto instead.

Houses were side by side

by side by side.

Everything was so compact.

People were EVERYWHERE. On their porches, in their yard, walking. At one point, we literally drove through a group of 50 people, as they parted, all standing on the corner and the middle of the street.

Just hangin' out.

That was community. I absolutely loved seeing that. People outside and everywhere instead of inside and nowhere.

I absolutely hate suburbs and mowed lawns . . . thats what I learned.

We stopped at a gas station that, I kid you not, had 4 police cars and 2 police bicycles.

Just hangin' out.

But a different kind of community . . .

Inside a guy from the neighborhood and the middle eastern gas station clerk laughed as we showed them where google maps took us.

"Man, that sheet of paper played a cruel joke on you, it led you right to the ghetto" said one guy.

"No Wal-Mart around here" said the clerk.

Surprisingly, they took a whole 10 minutes (While the line backed up) doing everything they could to give us directions to the nearest Wal-Mart. They were in no hurry. Neither was anyone else. They explained and explained and explained.

I loved that too.


Tiffany said...

that is cool. that's been my favorite thing about other countries

Nic said...

hmm, jealousy...

rock on.

Anonymous said...

welcome to my home for the last year. glad you get to experience some of the insanity/community of the inner-city.

it is a whirlwind of joy and tragedy and half the time you don't know what's what.

[love your blog by the way. you are a poignant observer]