Blueberry Hill

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Blueberry Hill


God has fallen asleep in my temple.
Hes taking up space, but I can’t bear
to wake him to leave.
In the alter room,
the fire is dying and the smoke is filling--
The sacrifice consumed.

In the growing darkness he sleeps.


At the age of 25

I feel like a shell of my old self.

A sunset through a sky full of blackbirds;

_____Stains speckled on a masterpiece.


Walking up Blueberry Hill, I met a mother
and her daughter

_____Picking blueberries.

“Slim Pickins'” said the mother as
her child added a smile.

Further up the hill, I found blueberries 3 at a time.
I picked and I saved until I had quite the harvest.
In one fell swoop, I took the whole lot.
An explosion of bitter and sweet and rottin’
filled my mouth, making the experience a mixed one.

Swallowing, I looked up and saw the mountains. They glided
over the horizon, my head tilted back to take it all in.

_____What a beautiful God there must be.

Back down the hill the mother and child were sitting in the path as I approached.

“How’d ya come out,” I asked, seeing only a dozen and half had been gathered.

“We ate most of ‘em as we found ‘em. Only good ones. But that's ok."

“Yes it is.”


God has fallen asleep in my temple.
But hes beginning to dream.
Hes beginning to dream in me
and I can’t bear to wake him.
For why would I wake a
God who dreams
so beautifully?


lucy said...

that last stanza makes my heart race.

lucy said...

oh, and I linked you from my blog. I hope that's cool.