Show me your wounds, I'm tired of mine.

I just realized the other day. I only publish about half my blog posts. Usually I spill myself out and then when I'm done, I no longer feel like posting it. Maybe one day, I'll post 80 unpublished works at once.

I now work at Latte Land in Briar Cliff Village. I love it. Since High School I've wanted to be a Barista. Now, finally, at age 25, I am living that dream. Here's to being a lifetime Barista!

Community is Great. Community is Hard. Community is Weird.

I don't know. I sometimes get really frustrated here . . . it's not the Nirvana (Don't worry, I'm still Christian) that I thought it would be. But when I think of not being here, I realize how much I absolutely love it. Barely been here a month and now I don't know how I could ever not be in community. It just makes so much sense. Who would have thought that life after college can get even BETTER.

Tonight, a fellow Christian Brother from the neighborhood named Roy ate dinner with us. Roy is 61 years old and was recently punched in the eye by a guy he beat in chess.

He beat a guy in chess and the guy punched a 61 year old man in the face.

He now has a couple dozen stitches and his eye is just now starting to open.

Roy is unbelievable. He lives in the house he grew up in, but the house, for some reason, has no windows, plumbing, or electricity. It's basically wood nailed together.

But Roy broke down in tears tonight as he told us that hes known people for 50 years in this neighborhood and they (Literally) wouldn't even give him a glass of water, let alone a meal like we were. Roy gave us so much encouragement about what we were doing in the neighborhood. He said so many things that were such a blessing:

"You can't climb a mountain that is smooth, only one that is rocky" In reference to life.

"What if football players came out and marched around the field for 2 hours saying "We are athletes, We are athletes" . . . eventually you would tell them, "WELL PROVE IT". Thats what Christians do today . . ."We are Christians, We Are Christians" and a neighborhood like this says, "Prove It" and you all are . . . you're proving you're Christians." (This was paraphrased, Sorry for all the Quotes in it. :-) ).

"My Biggest fear is that when I get in line for the judgement seat that I get behind Billy Graham, and that when Billy Graham gets before God, God tells him that he didn't do enough. I mean, its Billy Graham! I'm in big trouble if I'm next!"

"I want to make Lucifers top 10 most wanted."


karlie nicole mann. said...

does roy happen to work at/go to hopefaith? if so, i remember him well and really like him.

lauren h. said...

Aw I love Roy! I met him at Hope Faith..I miss him. I would love to come down to the church sometime soon!!