I'd Bury It, I'd Burn It

Last night, Luke, Nick and I watched the movie Millions. It was a movie about kids who find a bag full of money and follows the events that unfold afterwards.

It was very very good.

It left me thinking about when I was kid and dreaming of what I would do if I suddenly aquired a million dollars. It reminded me of all the "what if" scenarios and questions I've heard in mile life, around the topic of unexpectedly coming into a large amount of money.

Who hasn't thought about this, right?

All the things we'd buy. All the things we'd do. All the fun we'd have.

I was left reanalyzing this idea last night. And for no reason, $10 million was the number I played with.

If I currenly, all of a sudden, aquired $10 million, what would I do with it?

My first response was to think that there is no way I could feel like I would deserve that kind of money. Whether it was left on my door step, or I won the lottery, nothing I've done in life makes me think I deserve that kind of money, especially when I am beginning to see the lack in the world today.

So then, what would I do with it?

Perhaps I would give it all to the community I currently live in. But would our ministry, or any ministry, be able to be effective with $10 million in their bank account? Money is clearly not the answer to the place we're in, its actually, mainly the problem. How about any other ministry? Or split between several other ministries? My immediate gut reaction, for a reason I haven't processed yet, is "No". I do not think it would be a good thing to give the money, or split the money between any ministry or person. I think it has to do with the fact that, I would be giving the money to make things better, and if money in a situation is made to make things better, then that just rubs me the wrong way.

Ok, Well, if I don't get it and no one or nothing else gets it, then maybe I make a statement with it. Perhaps I get it all in cash, build a pyramid with it on Wall Street, douse it in gasoline, and burn it all up while videotaping it so it can become a Youtube sensation. Then after that, I write a book on why I did it, and talk about God and Greed and probably politics. But then I'm not sure what I would do with the Millions of Dollars I would make off my book.

So I concede. Maybe I'll just take it after all. Well then I started thinking about what $10 million would mean for my life. I truly think it would make life far less satisfying. While things such as supporting a family and one day starting my own business comes with a level of stress, it also comes with much excitement. I think there is much satisfaction found (And to be found) in working towards these things yourself (Not to say that you should rely on yourself instead of God in life, but I do think that a person providing for themself and God supplying ones needs can be the same thing). With more money than I need, it takes out this satisfaction and excitement from the equation of life. To use a very poor and juvenile analogy, I have played many video games where the goal is to either build up your character into a powerful one, or one where you earn money to build a bigger and better fill-in-the-blank. Both these style of games get to the point where you excel and have so much power/money that you can't even use it all. Its no fun then. The enjoyable part was building up to this point, not the point itself. I would think obtaining a lot of money would be like reaching the end of a video game.

With all that said, I don't know what I'd do. Like I said, I would feel like I don't deserve it, but I would probably find a way to convince myself that I at least deserve to pay off some student loans. And maybe a new tennis racket.

Anyone have any better ideas of what to do with $10 million?


Anonymous said...

i've started to come into the realization that i'd love to make enough money in my lifetime to start a scholarship or foundation of some sort -- while i doubt i'll ever make money (sure as heck not making any right now...), there's such a need (especially in cities) for not just college scholarships, but ones for high school. so disadvantaged kids could get quality education. that'd be cool.